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6300 Series Impulse Heat Sealer – Medical

The 6300 Impulse heat sealers are built to detailed and documented specifications and deliver equivalence throughout your facility with repeatable, reliable performance. The impulse heat sealers are 100% validatable and calibratable across all seal parameters, making them ISO 11607, CE compliant. Secure digital process control and high speed PLC with LCD touch screen HMI provide confidence that all seal process parameters (temperature, time and pressure) are maintained seal-to-seal. Accu-Seal heat sealers are designed to meet cleanroom packaging requirements for sealing a variety of pre-made pouch materials. External verification ports offer ease of calibration.

This robust heat sealing machine has many standard features to enhance production. Intuitive, user-friendly operation with password protection allows the operator to select from pre-set and named seal recipes to maximize changeover speed without compromising process control. Process fault alarms, seal count, alarm history, and product support tray are all standard features on this robust impulse heat sealing machine, built to perform for years.

Specifications Detailed specs
Seal width 3/8″
Machine length Seal length + 5.5″
Machine depth
Machine height
Approximate weight
28-40 lbs
Power requirement
120V and 220V
Compressed air supply requirement
1.5CFM @ 80PSI


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6300 heat sealer

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