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Stainless Steel Trolley Systems and Pre-saturated Disposable Bucket-less Mopping System for Cleanroom Cleaning.

VeriClean: Mopping System

The VeriClean system captures and isolates contaminants, ensuring unsoiled delivery of cleaning and sanitising agents. No more re-applying of soiled water and weakened solutions, experienced with old-style mopping.
The VeriClean Triple Bucket System is an easy-to-use engineered solution specifically designed for use in cleanrooms. Manufactured without drilled holes the fully welded stainless steel trolley frame and wringer provide completely smooth surfaces, removing opportunity for particle settlement, entrapment and ingress.

Each component of the VeriClean System plays an important role in delivering the highest level of cleanliness; The innovative swivel mop frame uniformly and precisely applies cleaning and sanitising agents onto floors, walls and ceilings. The unique wringing mechanism, exerts force evenly across the whole surface of the mop, extracting the maximum volume of soiled contaminants. VeriClean is compatible with gamma, ETO & autoclave sterilisation – up to 250° F (121° C) for 30 minutes.

Also available as a Double Bucket System. Blue buckets as standard, White, Red and Green available upon request.

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Sterile Code Description Size ISO Pack QTY Case QTY
GL79218 VeriClean Triple Bucket System – Complete with Accessories 45 Litres ISO4 Each 1
GL79222B 15 Litre LDPE Buckets with Stainless Steel Handles 15 Litres ISO4 Each 1
MHSS79232 Telescopic Polymer Mop Handle 865mm to 1600mm ISO4 Each 1
MFSS79226 Stainless Steel Solid Plated Mop Frame 102mm x 400mm ISO4 Each 1
GLVC-1-S-B PU Foam Mop Heads 120mm x 410mm ISO4 5 5 x 5
GLVC-1-C-25 Polyester Mop Head Covers 290mm x 510mm ISO4 25 20 x 25

Compliance 100 IPA

Compliance 100 IPA is a Sterile 0.2 micron filtered 70% Isopropanol alcohol blended with 30% Water for Injection (WfI), the delivery system is an ergonomic Trigger Spray that reduces RSI and keeps the alcohol sterile in use for 90 days.

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