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Pre-validated medical packaging

Pre-validated Medical Packaging puts the device manufacturer in the driver’s seat right from the start. At Sabre Medical we know that having a validated medical heat sealer ready to go from day one is important for trials and developments. Sabre has a wide range of trays, pouches and sealing lids to suit many different sizes and applications to get you started quickly.

Pre-validated packaging is more than a line of stock packaging. We test package performance and shelf life for 5 or even 10 years (depending on the product materials). We stock a range of sizes for both tray and pouch-based systems.

Because these systems have already been designed, sourced and validated to ISO11607 and medical industry standards, startup medical device manufacturers can bring new products to market much faster – at the same time, lowering costs significantly. Packaging development costs and time can be slashed by many months.

Sabre Medical holds a stock of various pre-validated packaging systems. Validated sealing machines, medical trays, lids and pouches can be easily adapted to custom sizes.

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Hiring a heat sealing machine

Sabre Medical can hire out a validated heat sealing machine for use in your clean room, or offer the use of one of our many validated heat sealers within our clean room at Sabre Medical.

With a pre-validated medical packaging system, the medical device manufacturer can focus resources on developing your product and draw on Sabre Medical’s proven solutions in medical packaging.


Sabre Medical’s Pre validated Package sealing systems consist of:

  • Modern validated sealing machines for use at your site or ours
  • Rigid tray or pouch packaging configurations
  • Sealing tooling
  • Seal validation documentation
  • Post-sterilisation – accelerated ageing and real time ageing data.
  • Cartons and shippers to suit.

Customized packaging

Sabre Medical’s pre-validated packaging can be customized to fit your specific device. Customized pre validated package designs are available for both pouch and tray based packaging systems. Single or double barrier, and package configurations involving foam, polyurethane, shelf boxes and other transportation protective packaging materials are also available at Sabre Medical.

With such a wide range of options for pre-validated packaging, the right solution for you could be only a click away. Please contact us or request a sample.

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“Quality of pouches is critical…The engineers at Sabre Medical are able to provide us with excellent sealing validation testing and data to ensure our packaging validation programs are complete and robust.” More…

Ken Logan, Managing Director, Logikal Health Products Pty. Ltd.


“They understood our requirements quickly and responded to our timelines immediately. Sabre went over and above to get things to us in a timely manner, meeting all of our quality requirements.” More…

Simone von Fircks, Vice President of Operations, Aroa Biosurgery