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Product Description

Dye Penetration Testing

Dye Penetration Testing ensures the integrity of packaging seals by detecting tracks or which compromise the sterility of the product. By using the appropriate dye and wetting agents, this type of testing can be used on both porous and non-porous packaging.portfolio-dye-test

All samples are pre-conditioned

All samples are conditioned prior to testing and stored for a minimum of 24 hours within the test lab area, allowing them to adjust to the controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

Test and acceptance criteria performed against standards

The test and acceptance criteria are performed against standard ASTM F1929-12 or standard ASTM F3039-13. Sabre staff are trained in the methods used for this testing following the guidelines required by these standards.

Sabre Medical also offers this dye penetration solution in 100ml bottles for the convenience of testing at your own facility.