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As a manufacturer of sterile medical devices in Australia, the quality of the pouches used as a sterile barrier are absolutely critical to our operation, as is the effectiveness and maintenance of our pouch sealing equipment.

For this reason we chose many years ago to source both our pouches and our sealing equipment from Sabre Medical. As a specialist in pouches and sealing equipment, Sabre provide us with a certainty, expertise and reliability that is vital to our success in providing sterile product.

The engineers at Sabre are also able to provide us with excellent sealing validation testing and data to ensure our packaging validation programs are complete and robust.

As a contract manufacturer of medical devices to the Australian medical industry, our clients rely on Logikal to fully meet international regulatory requirements and Sabre have been able to reinforce our ability to meet these requirements.

Ken Logan, Logikal Pty Ltd
As a Medical device start-up company the ability to outsource packaging services has enabled Vaxxas to focus on the core development path and meet both its financial and milestone deadlines. Sabre has developed low volume prototype packaging that has allowed us to present professional product solutions for every stage of development. Sabre has also supplied specialist sealing equipment, validated packaged product and been a valuable source for contacts within a diverse field of specialist suppliers. Start-up Medical device product development is a challenging road made easier with a supporting partner that understands the journey .
Michael Junger, Vaxxas
Sabre Medical is an approved supplier to our company and is used as a ‘go-to’ company for unique product design, packaging and testing needs. Over the years they have made display cases, performed stability studies and packaging testing and developed a temperature sensitive tag activation process, all in an ISO 9001/13485 compliant manner.

Doug and the team are always responsive and willing to offer their thoughts well before any formal contract or agreement is in place, which helps us shape our expectations of what can be done, in what timeframe and for various prices.

I would highly recommend Doug and the Sabre Medical team for any product design, packaging and testing needs.

Innovation Lead, Major Orthopaedic Parts Supplier


Desired Real Time (RT): months

Accelerated Aging Temperature (TAA): °C

Note: Sabre Medical does not recommend aging at temperatures exceeding +60°C. Common aging temperatures are +50°C, +55°C and +60°C.

Ambient Temperature (TRT):°C

Note: This temperature is typically between +20°C to +25°C. A temperature of +25°C is a more conservative approach

Aging Factor (Q10):

Note: This factor is typically between 1.8 to 2.5 with a value of 2.0 being the most common value.

Calculated Accelerated Aging Time (AAT):days

Note: The calculated AAT is typically rounded up to the nearest whole day.