Burst/Creep/Creep-to-Burst Testing

Creep-to-Burst is a combination of maintaining a package at a desired test pressure for a nominated time, and then increasing pressure until failure occurs. These tests are conducted to ensure that your packaging has the strength and integrity to withstand internal pressurization.


Burst and Creep testing at Sabre Medical is carried out as per the standard ASTM F1140-13. Packages such as trays, pouches, and sealed foil packs can all be tested using the Burst or Creep testing methods. By internally pressurising the packaging, this applies stresses along the perimeter seal, where the weakest areas can be identified due to failure, allowing the effectiveness of the sterile barrier system to be analysed. Sabre Staff are trained to use a precision “Test-a-Pack” pressure device according to validated procedures, and this instrument is maintained and calibrated on an annual basis. Our staff are trained to accurately and objectively record the test results.

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