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Label Development & Printing

Control of printed labels and label artwork revisions is time-consuming and can be fraught with errors. Ensuring labels contain the correct product lot numbers, dates of manufacture and expiry at the time of initial printing saves time and production costs. Precisely known numbers of labels aid in cGMP workflows where missing labels or extra labels highlight incorrect product counts.

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Sabre has robust systems in place for controlling artwork revisions and the content on labels. Production batches can be planned in advance and all required labels can be pre-printed in known quantities.

Labels can be double bagged for cleanroom entry, and/or sterilised if required. Batch release procedures ensure that the process is controlled.

Customized packaging

The label stock, adhesive, ink and dimensions used can be individually tailored to your needs.

Preferred label format is a high resolution pdf, with gaps for any variable information to be entered at the time of printing.

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“Quality of pouches is critical…The engineers at Sabre Medical are able to provide us with excellent sealing validation testing and data to ensure our packaging validation programs are complete and robust.” More…

Ken Logan, Managing Director, Logikal Health Products Pty. Ltd.


“They understood our requirements quickly and responded to our timelines immediately. Sabre went over and above to get things to us in a timely manner, meeting all of our quality requirements.” More…

Amy Seager, Product Manager, MobiLIFE