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Package testing services

Our Packaging Testing Lab supports all the services Sabre Medical has to offer. Testing is crucial to any heat sealing machine validation, Package Validation or supply of medical device packaging. You can submit your request for testing as per your own requirements. Sabre Medical will perform package testing for materials from any supplier or manufacturer, for both in process and end of batch production tests.

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Testing considerations

Considerations for package testing:

  • What is a particular set of data meant to demonstrate?
  • For that particular purpose, how many samples are required to produce meaningful results?


  • Are you interested in the strength and integrity of the added seal made by your company?
  • Are you interested in the strength and integrity of the pouch manufacturer’s seal?
  • Are you more concerned with the integrity of the seal or integrity of the whole pouch?
  • Would you prefer to monitor the strength in one location (25mm strip) or strength in many locations?

Rigid Trays or Blisters:

  • Is there one tool cavity or multiple?
  • Is one location representative of other locations?

Acceptance criteria

Ensure you create a clear table of sampling points around the pouch or blister and perform the multiplications for the necessary testing activities.

What are the acceptance criteria for each test?

  • Will your acceptance criteria at production be different to validation values?
  • Will your acceptance criteria in 10 years be different to initial production values?


Our clients



“Quality of pouches is critical…The engineers at Sabre Medical are able to provide us with excellent sealing validation testing and data to ensure our packaging validation programs are complete and robust.” More…

Ken Logan, Managing Director, Logikal Health Products Pty. Ltd.


“They understood our requirements quickly and responded to our timelines immediately. Sabre went over and above to get things to us in a timely manner, meeting all of our quality requirements.” More…

Simone von Fircks, Vice President of Operations, Aroa Biosurgery