Gandus GD 301 Evo

Constant-heat medical-grade hardware for the sealing of pouches and reels conforming to EN 868-5 and DIN 58953-7:2010 Directive.



Compact machine, suitable for a wide range of clinical professions such as dentists, doctors, veterinary surgeries, or laboratories.

Electronic control allows for process repeatability ensuring that results are consistent. Manual lever action with an electronic timer.

No additional consumables required, ensuring low maintenance costs. With its vertical design, it can be positioned on any table top even if there is limited width.

Accessories include front support tray and roll holder with cutting device.


  • Kind of sealing: Constant heat
  • Sealing width (mm): 12 flat
  • Max sealing length: 300mm
  • Sealable materials: Pouches and reels EN 868-4
  • EN 8686-5 Conformity: Yes
  • DIN 58953-7:2010 Directive: Yes
  • Dimensions excl front support tray: 452 x 286 x 242mm
  • Weight: 3kg