Accu-Seal 5300

ISO 11607 and CE compliant, the Accuseal 5300 Impulse Heat Sealer is designed to meet clean room packaging requirements for a variety of pre-made pouch materials.



The casing is manufactured from Stainless Steel to allow for operation in controlled environments and to withstand harsh cleaning agents such as biocides.

The Integrated LCD touch screen and high-speed PLC allow for process repeatability ensuring that results are consistent from seal-to-seal.

All parameters are password protected and alarmed to ensure total process control. The machine also comes with an optional product support tray.


  • Seal Lengths: 381 mm, 508 mm, 635 mm
  • Seal Widths: 9.525 mm Standard
  • Power: 120 V A/C, 10 A
  • Air: 1.0 CFM @ 80 Psi
  • Dimensions;
    Length: Seal Length + 139.7 mm
    Depth: 241.3 mm
    Height: 215.9 mm
  • Approximate Weight: 12 – 18 kg