Accu-Seal 675TC

The Model 675TC Temperature Controlled Vacuum Sealer with Gas Purge offers total process control for medical and pharmaceutical packaging.



The 675TC vacuum sealer is designed for packaging moisture and oxygen sensitive products. The casing is manufactured from stainless steel to allow for operation within harsh environments and withstand biocides.

The integrated LCD touch screen and high-speed PLC allow for process repeatability, ensuring that results are consistent from seal-to-seal.

Seal parameters, five operating modes, six seal process recipes, visual & audible alarms, and calibration screens are all password protected. Safety features include a low-pressure jaw close safety shut-off, an emergency stop button, a cold-seal alarm, an internal high temperature limit, and thermal overload protection.

The machine is available with a dual-heat option that heats both the top and bottom sealing bars.

It can be mounted on an ergonomic machine stand or placed on a bench top.


  • Seal length variants: 508 mm, 635 mm, 762 mm
  • Seal width: 9.525 mm
  • Heating: Upper bar only (standard), dual heat (optional)
  • Vacuum Pressure: Up to 660 mmHg (26 inHg) (standard)
  • Case Size: 508 x 330 x 203 mm
  • Seal Bar Length: Seal length + 101.6 mm
  • Approximate Weight: 30 kg
  • Power: 220 V, 10 A Dedicated Circuit
  • Compressed Air: 2.5 CFM @ 90 Psi