Medipacker TS F

A variant of the Medipacker TS series, this model features improved processing convenience through automatic lid placement.



The distinguishing feature of the Medipacker TS F is its ability to load the sealing lid directly from an integrated roll mount, eliminating the need for manual positioning. As an option, the system can also be equipped with a printer, which is able to generate individual designs (batch-specific printing). This reduces the need for additional labeling work at later stages.

The TS F is integrated into the trolley stand, with the drawer at a convenient height.


TS 5035 F

  • Width: 920 mm
  • Depth: 710 mm
  • Height: 1390 mm (with trolley)
  • Weight: 235 kg (without tools)
  • Available Sealing Area: 500 x 350 mm
  • Max. depth of blister: 82 mm