Gandus TB 3

Impulse heat sealer for simultaneous sealing and coding of tubes.



Impulse sealing machine for the simultaneously sealing and coding of PE-AL/PE tubes of different lengths, from 105 mm to 220 mm, diameter up to 50 mm.

Special tubes holder upon request.

Sealing width mm 4 flat.

Operated by electromagnets, user friendly and compact table-top machine.

It is supplied with an innovative temperature control system, which steady monitors, cycle after cycle, the actual sealing temperature.

Electronic control of the sealing and cooling time.

It can be supplied with a punch code system. During the sealing phase the machine engraves on the seal an alphanumeric code of max 10 characters each tube. Simultaneous embossing of 4 or 6 tubes.


  • Punch code system
  • Automatic dosing system with adjustable volume