Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation and Exposure

Sabre Medical is committed to providing tailor-made solutions to meet the requirements of our customers. This attitude has enabled us to undertake a variety of different projects that have expanded our knowledge base, and Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilisation and exposure have been part of the services offered by Sabre Medical for over 3 years.


Technical Details

Sabre Medical offers a range of EtO exposure and sterilization services to suit small to medium project requirements, ranging from a non-validated exposure (based closely on previously validated cycles to ensure a high chance of sterilization) to fully-validated cleaning, packaging, labeling, and sterilization studies.

A typical non-validated cycle involves 24 hours of external preconditioning at 55˚C in a humidity-controlled oven, to allow for optimal sterilization conditions to be reached, followed by a 16-hour exposure time before the samples are aerated for 48 hours to ensure that all the Ethylene Oxide has been safely dispersed from your devices or packaging. This time period also allows the incubation of the biological indicators as part of our process control system. Many of these parameters can be modified to suit your project requirements.

All cycles are performed with temperature and humidity loggers, gas dosimeters, and biological indicators (encased in our custom-made Process Challenge Devices) to guarantee the correct conditions to match your requirements.