Automation Solutions



Sabre Medical has a dedicated team of engineers and designerswith years of manufacturing and automation experience. Working within the regulated industries of pharmaceutical, solid dose and medical devices, our experience with medical packaging and processing covers design, production, validation, and testing. Sabre Medical can help develop a robust solution that meets your specific needs.

This can mean anything from helping you select the ideal pouch size for your product to building a robotic testing machine for your products. We have the expertise and flexibility to help you achieve your goals or to partner with appropriate industry sources to build the optimum solution for your manufacturing process.

Project Examples

Some of our previous projects and capabilities include:

  • Designing and constructing a clean room facility for class III implantable devices
  • Developing a wash cleaning process and sterilisation for class III implantable devices
  • Providing a machine for packaging oxygen-sensitive pharmaceuticals at the end of an aseptic filling process.
  • Producing a cold-chain shipping solution to keep product between 2-8°C for 72 hours
  • Developing a bottle capping machine and heat-shrink wrapping tunnel to close and seal small bottles
  • Building a robotic arm to replicate a human arm-swing during walking for pedometer testing
  • Constructing a low-temperature controlled photostability testing chamber for drug stability testing
  • Developing a mechanical sample cutting device for medical tray lids
  • Setting up and running a large environmental testing chamber for transport testing
  • Designing various display cases and trays for a wide range of products for sales and demonstrations
  • Producing prototype parts for customers