Bubble Testing

We offer bubble emission testing as a technique for analysing package integrity.



We offer bubble testing as per ASTM F2096 to assess package integrity. This test uses internal pressurisation to detect the presence of leaks and pinholes. By submerging the package in water, it can be inflated to a set pressure, where if any holes or seals are present, they can be identified by bubbles escaping from the package.

Bubble testing can be performed on both porous and non-porous packaging. It is very valuable when developing packaging that must resist the rigors of transportation testing.  Bear in mind that porous materials will exhibit random bubbles emitting from various points; this can be changed by lowering the pressure. Large labels will also cause difficulties as bubbles will escape any channels under the label. This test demonstrates the material’s ability to perform within the sterile barrier system as required by ISO 11607-1-2019.