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HDMP3 Series Vacuum Sealer

Built to handle the Big Jobs and the toughest materials for virtually any industrial, electronics, chemical, food & perishable product packaging. Dual side or single side heavy duty heat sealing bars in seal lengths up to 60”.

These heavy duty vacuum sealers have digital operator interface and PLC control with selectable operating modes. The easily detachable retracting vacuum nozzle assembly and NEMA 4 rated stainless steel enclosure allows for complete cleaning and sterilization even in harsh environments. of the industrial, food, chemical, and electronics packaging industries. Cleanroom friendly vacuum sealer. The HDMP is also available in a seal only model.

HDMP3 machine and stand

Ergonomic multi position machine stands for heat sealers and vacuum sealers. Machine stands are specific to each model. Stands for large industrial models are available with manual cranks or electric actuators for easy vertical height adjustments. Read more…
hdmp3 heavy duty vacuum sealer

HDMP3 machine on Conveyor

If your application requires positioning over a pallet or drum, ask about full vertical mounting for your machine. Machine stands are specific to each model. Lightweight extruded aluminum frame provides sturdy support for the vacuum sealers. Read more…
hdmp3 machine on conveyor

Tube sealer for tube crimp seals

This plastic tube sealer is perfect for small batch runs, research and lab use, or start up operations. It’s easy, safe, and economical to operate. This machine seals one rack of tubes in the time it takes to prepare a second rack.Read more…
tube sealer medical