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Cleanroom Stationery

Clean processed stationery with low-linting and low fibre-shed particle counts, combined with excellent ESD properties.

Munising LP: Cleanroom Paper

67 gsm paper saturated with synthetic polymer fibres to minimised particle generation. Material does not promote electro-static discharge. Suitable for Autoclave Sterilisation. Laser printer and photocopier compatible. Available in White, Blue and Green.


GuardMark: Cleanroom Paper

72 gsm cleanroom paper with low particle and fibre release data, suitable for printing and photocopying. Double bagged and cleanroom packed in an ISO5 environment. Available in White, Blue, Green, Yellow.


GuardMark: Cleanroom Pens

Low ionic ink Cleanroom Pens, LDPE barrel available in Black and Blue, individually clean packed in ISO 4 environment. Available Sterile.


GuardMark: Cleanroom Tape

1” & 2” width ultra clean tape, for use in ISO4+ environments, clean packed. Web cleaning system dissipates the static layer, allowing both sides of the label stock to be cleaned. Available in White, Green, Blue, Yellow and Red.


GuardMark: Cleanroom Labels

Critical environment labels are designed for use in Semiconductor, Data Storage, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical cleanrooms. Manufactured from 100% synthetic face-stocks, liners, and cores; avoiding particulate contamination issues that arise from coated paper products.


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Non-Sterile Code Sterile Code Description Size ISO Pack QTY Case QTY
ZNWH04072 ZSWH04072 GuardMark Cleanroom Paper White 72 GSM A4 ISO5 250 10
ZNBL04072 ZSBL04072 GuardMark Cleanroom Paper Blue 72 GSM A4 ISO5 250 10
ZNPI04072 ZSPI04072 GuardMark Cleanroom Paper Pink 72 GSM A4 ISO5 250 10
ZNGR04072 ZSGR04072 GuardMark Cleanroom Paper Green 72 GSM A4 ISO5 250 10
ZNBK01012 ZSBK01012 GuardMark Cleanroom Pens Black ISO4 12 10
ZNBL01012 ZSBL01012 GuardMark Cleanroom Pens Blue ISO4 12 10
ZNWH04225 ZSWH04225 Munising Cleanroom Paper White 22.5 lbs A4 ISO4 250 10
ZNBL04225 ZSBL04225 Munising Cleanroom Paper Blue 22.5 lbs A4 ISO4 250 10
ZNGR04225 ZSGR04225 Munising Cleanroom Paper Green 22.5 lbs A4 ISO4 250 10
ZNPI04225 ZSPI04225 Munising Cleanroom Paper Pink 22.5 lbs A4 ISO4 250 10
ZNWH04018 ZSWH04018 Munising Cleanroom Paper White 18 lbs A4 ISO4 250 10
ZNBL04018 ZSBL04018 Munising Cleanroom Paper Blue 18 lbs A4 ISO4 250 10

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