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Supplier controls

Sabre are diligent in our choice of suppliers and treat our supply chain with great attention to detail. We work very closely throughout production to
achieve Quality results. We have developed relationships of trust that enable us to implement and enforce quality control throughout the supply chain as necessary.

We treat you like ourselves

In purchasing from us, you can know that we will address supplier quality problems proactively as we would address issues in our own production facility.


Our clients



“Quality of pouches is critical…The engineers at Sabre Medical are able to provide us with excellent sealing validation testing and data to ensure our packaging validation programs are complete and robust.” More…

Ken Logan, Managing Director, Logikal Health Products Pty. Ltd.


“Sabre Medical is a long term supplier to our medical products division. We have come to rely on them for the highest standards in validated packaging after an initial, exhaustive consultation.” More…

Amy Seager, Product Manager, MobiLIFE