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Contamination Control Mats

Disposable solutions for controlling foot and wheel-borne contamination upon entry to critical areas.

GuardTack: Peel-off Tacky Mats

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) sheets with an adhesive coating for removal of 99% of footborne contaminants after a minimum of 3 steps with each foot. 30 peel-off sheets per mat, numbered tabs in the corner, available in 3 colours (White, Blue and Grey) and 3 sizes. The base has a stronger adhesive for a strong bond with the floor to keep mat firmly in position without slippage. Mats are available in a Medium Tack Level that are packed in lots of 8 mats and are suitable for all shoe types, disposable or otherwise.

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White Blue Grey Description Size Pack QTY Case QTY
ANWH08018 ANBL08018 ANGY08018 18″ x 45″ Peel off Mat – Medium Tack 18″ x 45″ 30 8
ANWH08026 ANBL08026  – 26″ x 45″ Peel off Mat – Medium Tack 26″ x 45″ 30 8
ANWH08036 ANBL08036 ANGY08036 36″ x 36″ Peel off Mat – Medium Tack 36″ x 36″ 30 8

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