Babuschka Trays

The Medipack “Babuschka” series of six standard PETG trays are designed to nest inside each other across six different heights, allowing for quick and easy double sterile barrier packaging systems to be created. Elongated variants are also available.

Technical Details

To hold the actual product in place inside the tray there are a number of options, including: foam shapes; a formed PETG insert; or a customised Babuschka tray (i.e. a tray with customised internal geometry, but using a standard Babuschka sealing profile).

The standardised sealing profile and lid shape allow for existing validation testing, aging data, and reporting to be applied to new products (excluding transportation and sterilisation testing), significantly reducing the time-to-market.

Babuschka trays are cleanroom manufactured, and can also be produced in a Medipack Rapid Packaging (MRP) sheet format system, which allows multiple cavities of tray to be filled, sealed, and then cut as convenient batches.

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