Gloves, Caps, Masks & Overshoes


Disposable examination gloves and surgical gloves. Available in a range of sizes.

Material Options

  • Nitrile
  • Latex

Pack Sizes

  • Pair-packed (Sterile)
  • Boxed (Non-sterile)

Sleeve Length

  • 9″
  • 12″
  • 16″

Facemasks & Hair Covers

Disposable head and face coverings for cleanrooms and controlled environments. Facemasks, caps, beard covers.

Face Masks

  • Pleated Mask made from Tri-layer Polypropylene
  • Fitting options: Head loops; ear loops; ties.
  • Individually packed (Sterile) or Bulk-packed (Non-Sterile)

Mob Caps

  • Polypropylene Mob Caps
  • Double-elastic pleated cap or Single-elastic open cap
  • Bulk-packed (Non-Sterile)

Beard Snood

  • Latex-free Beard Snood
  • Bulk-packed (Non-Sterile)


Disposable overshoes made from blue polythene. Elasticated ankle. Non-sterile.

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